In 2017, Apple implemented a controversial new policy which prevented companies like MyEventApps from making multiple copies of event apps for different organizations.

Apple’s rule stated that developers like MyEventApps must “Combine Apps with similar feature sets, varying only in content and graphics, into a single container app” and that “Apps created from a commercial template or app generation service will be rejected.” MyEventApps released this notice in October 2017 to describe the new rule:

Although we have never used a template approach, MyEventApps was caught up in the net of Apple’s controversial new rule, and several of our apps were rejected by Apple. However, Apple soon reconsidered, and seeing that their rule was damaging legitimate businesses like MyEventApps, they modified the ruling and decided to allow existing apps published by companies like MyEventApps to remain in stores and receive updates. Unfortunately, the rule reversal was a “time-limited offer” from Apple, and the time has now expired.

Apple has now decided to fully implement its new policy. This will result in the rejection of existing apps that are in the app store UNLESS the organization that is hosting the event is the same organization that uploads the app to the app store. In other words, MyEventApps can build your app, but your organization must have its own Apple Developer Account. MyEventApps can then upload the app using your organization’s own account.

The alternative is to use our Chameleon App, which is fully compliant with Apple’s new mobile app directives and capable of serving all your mobile app needs.