Changes to Apple Guidelines

Apple recently updated its App Store Review Guidelines. Apple has stated that developers must “Combine Apps with similar feature sets, varying only in content and graphics, into a single container app” and that “Apps created from a commercial template or app generation service will be rejected.” Note that this new rule only impacts Apple devices and not Android and Blackberry devices. This change has created some concern and confusion among event organizers, and for good reason. Apple will no longer allow you to have a stand-alone mobile event app listed in their app store if it looks and works in a manner like other event apps!

Apple says there are too many apps in the app store that look and feel and work in similar ways. They would like to reduce the number of similar apps in the app store. They are also using this rule to battle “spam” apps that clutter the app store and make it more difficult for users to find the valuable legitimate apps they are seeking to use. We support apple in this pursuit and have embraced the new rules without reservation.

Chameleon is here!

The Chameleon app is fully compliant with Apple’s new mobile app directives. This one SuperApp can serve all your mobile app needs. Once your delegates or fans download Chameleon, they will be able to search for your event by name (or by Event Code plus Password if you prefer), and will then see all the buttons, banners, and information you have configured for your event.

The app icon on the smartphone is no longer your event icon. Instead, users will see the Chameleon app icon and must tap on that to gain access to your event app.

The Chameleon app will allow your delegates and other users to search for your event by name, and start your app that way. Once your app loads in Chameleon, it will work in the same familiar way that your familiar MyEventApp worked.

Check out this short presentation for more information about Chameleon: