Creating your own account means that your app will be available under your organization name rather than FaveQuest (MyEventApps). You will need two accounts, one for Apple iOS and one for Google Android. Here are links with instructions for setting up those accounts.


  1. Your organization is responsible for creating and maintaining the accounts, and managing the account passwords.
  2. You must give MyEventApps access to your account so that we can upload your mobile app for you.
  3. There are fees associated with both the Apple and Google accounts. Your organization is responsible for paying these (small) fees.

Apple Developer Program  – Annual membership fee of $99 (USD) will apply.

Google Play Developer Account  – One-time registration fee of $25 (USD) will apply.

Once you have created your accounts, please give us the original account login credentials (user ID & password). This will allow us to manage all updates and submissions for your app on your behalf.


IMPORTANT: If you do not already have one, Apple will require a DUNS Number. It can take up to 30 days to get this number. More details are available here.