Developer Account or Chameleon? You choose.

MyEventApps supports TWO ways to load your app into the app store! Choose the method you prefer:

  1. YOUR OWN STAND-ALONE APP (requires your own App Developer Accounts)

You can choose to have a stand-alone app named for your event or organization. To do this, you must comply with the app store rules and regulations implemented by Apple (iOS) and Google (Android).  In particular, if you choose this option, Apple will demand that your organization use its own Apple Developer Account. (Why? Here are details about Apple’s Rules). We recommend that you create accounts for both Apple iOS and Google Android. Here is the information about Creating Your Own App Developer Accounts. You should allow approximately 2 months to complete the process (although it can be done more quickly).

Here is a list of REQUIREMENTS for setting up your own developer accounts. Most importantly, you MUST have an organizational Google account and dedicated Apple device to have developer accounts.


If you choose this option, you can simply add your Event App into our existing Chameleon app. The Chameleon app is always available. As the name implies, once your users download Chameleon and enter your event app title (and optional password), the Chameleon app will transform itself to look and work exactly like your own event app. Simply instruct your users to download Chameleon and then enter your event title (and optional password) and Chameleon will transform to display all of your event images and information. There’s no need for your organization to get its own account with this approach, and there’s no waiting for your app to get approved and listed in the app stores!

Which option is better? Well, it’s really your choice. We can help you make the decision that is right for you and your audience.

Questions? Contact Marie-Louise Doyle, Director, Business Development at 613-818-8854 or via email at