How do I let attendees know about my app?

We recommend you follow our tips on marketing your app.

How do I get my event data into the app?

Our staff will work with you to populate your app with your data. We support scraping Websites, Google Drive, Google Docs, and even Dropbox. If you have something other than those let us know, we aim to please.

What is a Super App?

A Super App is an App that contains more than 1 app. It’s like a book that contains many chapters.

Many of our clients host several events per year. In response to this demand MyEventApps has created a SuperApp model. This allows for one primary app (the book) and two or more micro apps (the chapters). Instead of purchasing individual apps at full price, we offer the following pricing model: $5,500 for the purchase of the Primary app (parent app) and $2,400 for any additional micro apps. If you’re not sure yet that you’d want to proceed with the SuperApp purchase, we can easily start off with the Premium App and add micro apps on as we move forward with you as a client.

How can I convince my supervisors?

We recommend you use our guide to pitching.


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