February 2018 Newsletter – MyEventApps has a new engine for your app!

MyEventApps has a new engine for your app! This ‘new engine’ give the app a sleeker more modern look and behaviour and it functions 98% the same as the old one. The FrameIt Souvenir Cam button has the biggest change with it now allowing users to position the photo within the frame and then save it.​ Overall, a better experience for the end-user!

Some of you are already using this new engine and we have been receiving very positive feedback. Over the next month, we will be updating all apps to this new software, giving everyone the most updated available software.

As the transition is made, its important to know that any notes or ‘favourited’ items (ie: user added data) will be lost in the transition to the new software because the new software uses a different storage mechanism. With this, you may wish to communicate with your audience via Push Notification advising them to collect and email any notes they may have taken during the last event. We will not start updating the apps until Mar 1, giving your users time to collect the information.

Don’t worry, we will be extremely cautious when making the updates and will take app launch and event dates into consideration, ensuring apps with events occurring sooner are updated first.