January 2018 Newsletter – Happy New Year! Bberry Changes and MEA’s Annual Survey

2018 has started off with a bang for MyEventApps. Over the last couple of days, we have already closed a record breaking number of renewals and “new biz”. Thanks for staying on with MEA, your business is truly appreciated by the whole team and welcome to our new clients.

Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

Please feel free to complete our annual customer satisfaction survey:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/7ZMC88J It is simplified from previous years and only asks 5 product line specific questions. Your responses will help us improve and enhance app features. Please complete the survey by January 15th. It’ll only take a few minutes to complete.

What’s New

Over the last quarter of 2017, we were working on re-booting our website. We have re-branded, provided more content on our product line, and have started an FAQ page that answers some of your most popular questions.  Should you have time, please take a look at https://myeventapps.com/ and let me know what you think.  I am currently updating the French website that will go live within the next couple of weeks.

Blackberry Changes

We wanted to let you know that it looks like Blackberry is going to end support for BB10 in 2020…

The following are excerpts from Bberry collateral:

“[…] we want to reward your loyalty by committing to providing you with at least two full years of additional support for BB10 […]”

Blackberry is planning to shut down the BB World store at the end of 2019.

“[…] current device owners should be aware that we will be closing some ancillary services such as the BlackBerry World app store (12/31/2019), the BlackBerry Travel site (February 2018), and the Playbook video calling service (March 2018).”

Going forward Bberry will be selling Blackberry devices running Android. Current BB10 users will get “a significant discount and incentive to upgrade your current BlackBerry device to a new BlackBerry KeyOne or Motion“, which are both Android phones with access to the Google PlayStore!

Looking Forward

Our team looks forward to working with you in 2018! We wish you the best, happiest and healthiest in 2018.

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