November 2017 Newsletter – Lead Retrieval – Let your exhibitors turn their smartphones into delegate badge scanners!

Do your exhibitors want to be able scan name badges (by QR code) and download delegate contact information at the end of the day or in real time? We have the product for you.

Your exhibitors can turn their phones into a scanner and control their own lead information. Instead of renting scanners and having to source expensive software, exhibitors can enable a feature in the mobile app to scan name badges of delegates that they meet. We take care of all the paperwork too. This sounds very much like something a firm like to would offer but for paperwork and confidential documents.

We give you our form that your exhibitor completes and submits to us for tracking. We send them the link to download the feature. We charge an average of $500/license (to be paid by credit card). It�s great for your exhibitors to control their own lead management tool and a great way for your organization to provide them with value.

MyEventApps offers an incredibly easy to use and convenient Lead Retrieval feature, built right into your event�s mobile app.

How does it work?

When delegates register for your event, you can add their contact information to the information stored by MyEventApps for your event. Contact information can include some or all of the following:

  • Delegate Name
  • Title
  • Company or Organization
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address

You must ensure that QR Codes are printed onto your delegate badges.

The MyEventApps system will automatically create QRCodes for each delegate. Using this, you can print each delegate�s badge yourself.


  • If you plan to use a third-party printer, similar to this full page thermal printer, to create the badges, you can either provide them with the QRCodes created by MyEventApps, or if the printer creates their own QRCodes for each badge then simply ensure they encode each delegate�s contact information directly into each QRCode when they print the badges. The MyEventApps Lead Retrieval system is designed to read any QRCode.
  • Sometimes the printer will use a special delegate-ID-number instead of the delegate contact information in the QRCode. If so, then MyEventApps will require access to a cross-listing that provides the identification number used for each delegate.

During the event, Exhibitors can tap a dedicated button in your event�s mobile app to gain access to the Lead Retrieval feature. The feature is secured, so exhibitors will need to register in advance with MyEventApps, and they must login using their own email address for access. Once they have logged in, they can scan delegate badges using their own iPhone, iPad, or android phone or tablet. The names and contact information of every delegate they scan is made available to them within the app, instantly! They can also use the app to email all their leads to themselves (leads are sent as a �CSV� attachment). The popular MyEventApps Lead Retrieval system will not require any input during the event from MyEventApps or event organizers and is automated and easy to use for Exhibitors.

Giving Back to Our Clients!

Post event we will let you know how many exhibitors purchased the short-term license and we will either give your organization 10% of that revenue or we will give the charity of your choice a cheque for 10% of that total revenue.

Email or contact me if you would like to know more about this feature.

Happy Thanksgiving to our American clients!

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