October 2017 Newsletter – Will Apple’s new rule affect my app? Yes! More Changes! But it’s OK!

As you know, Apple updated its App Store Review Guidelines in August. Apple has stated that developers must “Combine Apps with similar feature sets, varying only in content and graphics, into a single container app” and that “Apps created from a commercial template or app generation service will be rejected.” Note that this new rule only impacts Apple devices and not Android and Blackberry devices.

Over the last couple of months this change has created some concern and confusion among event organizers, and for good reason. Apple will no longer allow you to have a stand-alone mobile event app listed in their app store if it looks and works in a manner similar to other event apps!

We created the Chameleon app to resolve this issue.

To jog your memories, the Chameleon app is fully compliant with Apple’s new mobile app directives. This one SuperApp is capable of serving all your mobile app needs. Once your delegates or fans download Chameleon, they will be able to search for your event by name (or by Event Code plus Password if you prefer), and will then see all of the buttons, banners, and information you have configured for your event.

There are a few benefits to using Chameleon:

  • Chameleon will ultimately benefit you and your organization by being ‘Live’ all the time. The newest information for your app is always available. No more submitting the app to ‘bake in’ new graphics or data. It’s always there.
  • Once your audience downloads Chameleon, they will be able to search for your event by name (password protected or not, whichever you decide), and will then see your app. It’s important to know that once the user has downloaded the app, it will behave just as it did before.
  • Chameleon allows quicker fixes to software bugs that may arise.

Check out this short presentation for more information about Chameleon:


BUT, Apple has changed its mind for existing apps in the Apple store.

  • Any apps that are already in the app store are no longer being impacted by this change. So, if your app is up for renewal, no worries, you have the choice.  You can either move your existing app into Chameleon OR you can leave it in the app store in its current set up.

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