Mobile Apps

Crisp and aesthetically pleasing, our apps are completely brand-able to match your organization’s
overall look and feel.

  • Apps available for download on Apple, Android, and BlackBerry with Android OS.
  • Mobile web site (“Web-App”) is also available
  • App password protection for the entire app or per-button as required
  • Content Management System to control content
  • Data Synchronizing
    • The app automatically connects to our cloud-server to get updates
MyEventApps supports TWO ways to load your app into the app store.

Standard Features

  • Agenda / Schedule / Calendar
  • Event Search
  • Grouping by categories
  • Notes Feature
  • Detailed event pages with text, links, videos, photos and social media sharing and event to map link
  • Add selected events to the user’s phone calendar and favorites button
  • Link Sessions to Speakers (as applicable)
  • Link Sessions to Places (as applicable)
  • Supporting documents & presentation PDF links in sessions. Can also link to a SlideShare or SlideJar
  • Session ratings – 5 star ratings and open text boxes
  • Maps: interactive and travel information, GPS maps with directions + indoor map
  • GPS map can include multiple pins to denote key locations as well as points of interest
  • Indoor map with convention floor map (zoom-able jpeg image)
  • Meeting Leads & Speakers: list of Meeting Leaders with photo, bio and links to event calendar.
  • Speaker to sessions and sessions to speakers feature (as applicable)
  • Session, speaker and PDF document notes feature that will remain in the app for reference, and/or can be
    emailed to the delegate along with session description
  • Push Notifications (iOS & Android). Alert bookmarking feature.
  • Pre-define and pre-schedule push notifications for later automatic delivery
  • Social Media Feeds: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • Bilingual (EN/FR) – downloads in language of phone and also offers an easy English-French toggle feature
  • FrameIt Cam – great for social sharing, contesting and sponsors
  • Third party Survey integration
  • Session/speaker evaluations
  • Rotating banners for sponsors, advertising or announcements
  • Abstracts and poster integration
  • Analytics, ratings and survey results (available through CMS)
  • Delegate lists with contact info (can be password protected)
  • Delegate Connect (in-app check in and chat) – additional fee may apply
  • Live Q&A and live polling integration – additional fee may apply
  • Event Registration – additional fee may apply

Standard Services

  • 1 set of graphics + 1 revision which includes:
    • Splash page, landing pages, buttons
    • Note: additional revisions to the graphics are to be charged at $105/hour
  • Smart app download link: This is a short URL code which detects the type of device (Apple iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry) and links the user to the appropriate app store to download your app
  • Smart QR Code: QR code which acts like the Smart app download link
  • Training on the MyEventApps platform CMS – for edits and push notifications
  • Upload of all apps to the relevant app stores using existing FaveQuest accounts. Premium and SuperApp
    customers may choose to have us upload the apps to the app stores using their own existing accounts, if

Graphics Mock Ups

  • You are entitled to two mock ups with your Premium and SuperApp packages (note Basic package customers are responsible for their own graphics and do not receive Graphics Mock Ups of their mobile apps)
  • Any additional mock-up work will cost $105/hour. Your express approval will be required before additional
    graphics work proceeds


MyEventApps pricing falls within $3500 – $5500. The SuperApp model pricing is based on the purchase of a container app in addition to micro apps. Pricing is based on the number of microapps.






$5500 for container + $2400/micro app 

Limit of 6 feature buttons

The following features are not available in the Basic package:

  • Delegate Connect
  • Lead retrieval (QR scanner)
  • Session Evaluations
  • Custom features

Limit of 3 rotating banners

Up to 9 feature buttons of your choice.

All features available. Additional minor feature buttons may be added (bottom row).

If you have requirements not met by an existing feature, we can create a “Custom” feature for you. Just ask!

No practical limit to the number of buttons in the app.

SuperApp may contain 2 or more microapps bundled together. Each microapp provides all the features and buttons available in our Premium app.

Custom features supported on request.

You create all required graphics for the app, including the icon, splash page, home page, and buttons, as well as graphics required by the apple and google app stores. MyEventApps creates all graphics for your app, to your specification, including:

  • App icon
  • Splash (“Welcome”) page
  • Home page
  • Buttons
  • Banners
  • App “Promo” graphics for the app stores
MyEventApps creates all graphics for your app, to your specification, including:

  • App icon
  • Splash (“Welcome”) page
  • Home page*
  • Buttons*
  • Banners*
  • App “Promo” graphics for the app stores
  • These items are created for each microapp (for example, each microapp has its own unique buttons)
You enter all app data into the MyEventApps content management system (CMS) MyEventApps uploads all your initial app data for you.

Subsequent updates can be  handled by you, but we recommend setting up our cloud-scraping feature to handle all updates automatically.

MyEventApps uploads all your initial app data for you.

Subsequent updates can be handled by you, but we recommend setting up our cloud-scraping feature to handle all updates automatically.

Cloud data scraping feature is not available. App data must be entered manually or imported from spreadsheets. The cloud-scraper feature will automatically synch app data with any existing website or cloud-based spreadsheet or directory of files. The cloud-scraper feature will automatically synch app data with any existing website or cloud-based spreadsheet or directory of files.
1 x 1 hour training session on content management system (CMS) 2 x 1 hour CMS training sessions to show you how to set up push notifications and updates 2 x 1 hour CMS training sessions to show you how to set up push notifications and updates

SuperApp Explained

Think of a book that contains many chapters. Now, think of how you could use an app in the same way. Always available, always at your finger-tips.

Many of our clients host several events per year. In response to this demand MyEventApps has created a SuperApp model. This allows for one primary app (the book) and two or more micro apps (the chapters). Instead of purchasing individual apps at full price, we offer the following pricing model: $5,500 for the purchase of the Primary app (parent app) and $2,400 for any additional micro apps. If you’re not sure yet that you’d want to proceed with the SuperApp purchase, we can easily start off with the Premium App and add micro apps on as we move forward with you as a client.

A la Carte Features

The Premium MyEventApps package is packed with useful features, all included in the base price. There are some additional features that are available to you as add-ons for an additional fee. These features are described below.

Live Polling and Audience Response Systems

Live Polling and Audience Response Systems allow presenters to interact with their audience during their presentation. The audience members use your mobile app to respond to mini-polls or ask questions. People can give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down to questions posed by other audience members, and the speaker can address the most popular questions. This feature is seamlessly integrated into your mobile app.

Feature Price: $500 to $1,000

Trivia Game Feature:

Move your event’s “gamification” off of paper and into your mobile app! The popular “Trivia Game” feature can contain questions and answers about anything… you set the rules, you provide the questions and answers, and your delegates compete for a coveted spot on the leaderboard!

You can set points per question, decide whether or not to deduct points for errors, and you can even choose whether or not to make the quiz “time-out”.
One popular configuration involves entering one or more questions provided by each exhibitor. Your delegates will search out each exhibitor seeking answers… everybody wins.

Feature Price: $1,000


Attendance Feature:

Your organization can create attendance reports by scanning delegate badges at the event. This is typically used for sessions that provide course credits or accreditation to delegates who attend specific sessions during your event. We create custom reports based on your requirements. The reports are available online, immediately (no waiting!).

Feature Price: $1,750 (includes custom attendance reports to your specification)

Lead Retrieval Feature:

Let your exhibitors turn their smartphones into delegate badge scanners!
Do your exhibitors want to be able scan name badges (by QR code) and download delegate contact information at the end of the day or in real time? We have the product for you.

Your exhibitors can turn their phones into a scanner and control their own lead information. Instead of renting scanners, exhibitors can enable a feature in the mobile app to scan name badges of delegates that they meet. We take care of all the paperwork too.

We give you our form that your exhibitor completes and submits to us for tracking. We send them the link to download the feature. We charge an average of $500/license (to be paid by credit card). It’s great for your exhibitors to control their own lead management tool and a great way for your organization to provide them with value.

MyEventApps offers an incredibly easy to use and convenient Lead Retrieval feature, built right into your event’s mobile app.

How does it work?

When delegates register for your event, you can add their contact information to the information stored by MyEventApps for your event.

Contact information can include some or all of the following:

  • Delegate Name
  • Title
  • Company or Organization
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address

You must ensure that QR Codes are printed onto your delegate badges. The MyEventApps system will automatically create QRCodes for each delegate. Using this, you can print each delegate’s badge yourself.

QR Badge Tips:

If you plan to use a third-party printer to create the badges, you can either provide them with the QRCodes created by MyEventApps, or if the printer creates their own QRCodes for each badge then simply ensure they encode each delegate’s contact information directly into each QRCode when they print the badges. The MyEventApps Lead Retrieval system is designed to read any QRCode.

Sometimes the printer will use a special delegate-ID- number instead of the delegate contact information in the QRCode. If so, then MyEventApps will require access to a cross-listing that provides the identification number
used for each delegate.

During the event, Exhibitors can tap a dedicated button in your event’s mobile app to gain access to the Lead Retrieval feature. The feature is secured, so exhibitors will need to register in advance with MyEventApps, and they must login using their own email address for access. Once they have logged in, they can scan delegate badges using their own iPhone, iPad, or android phone or tablet. The names and contact information of every delegate they scan is made available to them within the app, instantly! They can also use the app to email all their leads to themselves (leads are
sent as a “CSV” attachment). The popular MyEventApps Lead Retrieval system will not require any input during the event from MyEventApps or event organizers, and is automated and easy to use for Exhibitors.

Pop-Up Feature:

Do you have a message you need to get out or sponsor you’d like to give more visibility to? Pop-ups are the answer! Read more here…

Customer Support

A planner for over 23 years, our Director, Business Development was a client. In her role as planner for her clients, she would complete environmental scans of app suppliers to recommend and adopt a supplier of choice for apps. Each time, MEA rose above the crowd in terms or overall look and appeal, pricing; meeting deadlines and customer support. MEA partners with you to build and deliver your app ON TIME.

Onboarding + Delivery

When you decide to sign with MEA, you will be sent a URL for you to complete that will serve as the blueprint for the app build.

  • We will meet for an hour to go through the document.
  • The most important date is the day that you want to let your delegates download the app. We then count backyards from that date to establish deliverables.
  • We ask that you take any staff absences/vacations into account when establishing deliverable dates.
  • Once completed, you are introduced to your Project Manager who stick handles the build with our developers and our graphic designers.