There are certain requirements that are needed prior to setting up the account:

Credit Card

A credit card is required to pay the associated account fees. 

Google Play

A Google Account (gmail address is required). If you do not have one, one is easily created. It should be company specific (not assigned to an individual).


Two MUST HAVE requirements in order to set up your Apple Account:

  1. A dedicated iOS or Mac device is required to set up your account. Apple requires two-factor authentication which requires your own device, we cannot do it for you. A dedicated device is an iPhone, iPad (or mini) or a Mac computer that is dedicated for setting up, accessing and maintaining the Apple account.
  2. You do require a DUNS number to set up your Apple account. Many companies have one. Search at the url below or contact your accounting department.

Once you have these two things, you can proceed with setting up your account. An outline of the steps are below. 

  1. From the browser on your computer, create a new Apple ID or use an existing Apple ID. In either case this Apple ID is irreversibly associated with the App developer account. Using a company-owned Apple ID is recommended.!&page=create
  2. From the dedicated iOS device or Mac computer, login with the Apple ID from step 1 (not via the browser as the device itself has to be linked to the iCloud account for the Apple ID) and enable two-factor authentication on that device. See
  3. From a browser, enroll the Apple ID from step 1 in the Apple developer program here: . You will need the dedicated iOS device to authorise the login.

In order for MyEventApps to manage your app releases, we need Admin level access to your accounts:

1. iTunes Connect – This is where we upload an app to be published.

Logging in with the Apple ID, invite  as an Admin user to your iTunes Connect account here:

2. Apple Developer Portal – This access is used to generate Certificates and Profiles for an app.

Logging in with the Apple ID, invite  as an Admin user to your Apple Developer portal here:

3. Google Play Developer Account – Admin access invitation needs to be sent to

Is this all to much?

This is a lengthy process…so if its too much, don’t forget that your app can be part of our Chameleon Event App with the touch of a button. Easy as…well, not pie. Pie is complicated for the non baker. But you get the idea.