September 2017 Newsletter – Welcome Back! Ok, so you’ve bought an app. Now you need to let your delegates know that it’s available – Marketing Tips

I still feel that September 1 should be New Year’s Eve.  Post Labour Day weekend is when I feel we get back to a routine and start to ramp up for upcoming events. So, I thought this would be a good time to go over some marketing tips, to make sure that your delegates download the app that you have created for them!

Mobile apps transform ordinary events into dynamic, interactive experiences, giving attendees more ways than ever to learn, share and participate.

Broadcast on Social Media

When you make the announcement on social media convey the right tone of voice on each platform:

LinkedIn: Post a short update to your LinkedIn page using a soft tone, include the app URL by selecting “attach link”.

Facebook: Add a post and upload screen shots to FB to promote the fun and engaging aspects of the app.

Start a Campaign

  • As soon as the app is ready to download, send an email to all registered delegates letting them know to download the app
  • Inform them that only a one-page Program at a glance will be available on site to push them to use the app.
  • Send out monthly communiques for your event and highlight one app feature per month.
  • Two days prior to the event, send out a reminder to download the app.

Create a Video!

  • Post a “what you need to know about the app” video on your website.
  • In addition to the video, create a tutorial video that walks the delegates through each feature and shows them how to change personal settings in the app. MEA can build both of these videos for you!

Create a competition:

  • First delegate to download the app wins a prize!
  • Create a competition prior to the event using the MEA Trivia Game Feature

Go Big with your message

To gain maximum visibility on-site at your event, create banners and tabletop signs that reinforce the messages you’ve already sent out through email, social media, and the web. Announce the mobile app in as few words as possible and clearly show how to download it. Use bold imagery that catches the eye and try varying your messages on different banners and signs throughout the conference center.

Post Signs and Banners On-Site

Place your tabletop signs and banners strategically by the registration area to greet attendees as they arrive and ensure that banners are located throughout the conference center in highly visible areas.

Run an Ice Breaker Exercise

  • At the opening session, ask delegates by show of hands who has downloaded the app
  • Have your delegates complete 3 exercises: Check-in; send another delegate a message; and pick a session to favorite.

Use Push Notifications

  • Send reminders, changes, and updates via push notifications. Delegates will realize pretty quickly that the app is the best form of communication.

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