Mobile Event Apps

Delightful Mobile Event Apps for Apple, Android, and BlackBerry Devices

Full Service

Our team works with you to craft an app that meets all your needs.

Content Collection

Let our technology collect your data from websites, spreadsheets, google drive documents, and even from Dropbox.



Our Mobile Apps

Our Mobile Apps delight attendees by making your event’s information available at their fingertips. Unlike with paper schedules, if an event is updated, there’s no need to run around hoping everyone hears the news. It’s as simple as clicking a button and having that data update on all attendee phones.

Our Process

We work with our clients to ensure they get exactly the app they want and meet all of their deadlines.

We support them every step of the way, from initial consultation, during their event, and with data collection afterwards.


Content Collection

MyEventApps has developed scraping technology. It allows MEA to set up our scrapers that pull content from your website and documentation to be displayed in the app.

The benefits?

  • You don’t need to send MEA updated content, we will pull it from your website in real time for easy tracking and to ensure that the most updated content is in the app.
  • Should your content not be stored on your website, we will send you our content management excel worksheet for you to enter your data.
  • If you prefer, MEA can collect your app’s content and graphics from Dropbox

Next Steps…

Let us show you how an Event App can improve your event. Your delegates will thank you.

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