May 2018 Newsletter: Summer Greetings from MyEventApps, This Month’s Topic – So, You’ve Bought an App, Now What?

As we head into summer, this newsletter is about marketing your event app.  Whether you are a long time client or new to MEA, the following advice will help you re-boot your thought process or get started.

One of my favourite songs is Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf.  So I’ve used those lyrics to provide some guidance when marketing your app.

Get your motor runnin’

  • So, you’ve bought the app! You’ve had your kick off meeting with me or your Project Manager and are ready to get started.
  • But wait! Whether it’s you or your Marketing/Communications team, an app marketing strategy needs to have been built into the overall event communications strategy.
  • If it’s your first year, send monthly teasers about what participants will be able to do with the app.
  • If it’s not your first year, let participants know the app is back and highlight positive feedback that you received from the previous year’s event survey.

Head out on the highway

  • When you launch the app write a “Good to Know Before You Go” that is app specific.
  • Highlight the features that will make content access and interactivity easy.

Lookin’ for downloads

  • Prompt your delegates to download the app as soon as they receive the “good to go” from the organizers
  • Then watch your analytics and report the # downloads to delegates so they can that other delegates are downloading the app

And whatever comes our way

  • Once they downloaded the app, start interacting via push notifications

Yeah delegates are gonna make it happen

  • When on site during your opening or welcome reception, use the app as an icebreaker

Take the conference in a big embrace

  • Entice delegates to share the app with those that have yet to download the app using the “Share App ” feature.
  • Engage delegates in a trivia game to meet delegates and sponsors

And explode into success

  • Post event, when you send out your conference survey make sure to ask them key questions about the usability of the app
  • Download your stats to show sponsors and exhibitors how many times their websites were visited. This only applies to Banners. Not to page content.
  • Use these stats to nail down your sponsorship and exhibitor revenue.

Next Month’s Newsletter:          “All About Trivia Games”

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